MATERIALS - "The Shop with the Stock!"

At Whitchurch models we not only sell the big boxes. we pride ourselves on our comprehensive range of accessories. With so many DIY stores stocking just pre-packed items you would be amazed to find how many items in a model shop never go near a model.

We stock a vast range of fittings for radio control models such as horns, clevises, pushrods and wheels.

Our range of nut and bolts and washers is sure to impress as will our range of model aircraft coverings such as Solartex, Solarfilm, Oracover not forgetting tissue paper and dope.

We always have in stock a good range of wood which includes balsa, spruce, obechi, walnut, mahogany and plywood as well as brass, aluminium and copper in tube, sheet or rod.

Acrylic and enamel paints in brush or spray form.

Our range of glues is sure to impress as we really do have a glue to stick all types of material.

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