Otherwise described as “lots of vibration held together with nuts and bolts”
Model helicopters were until recently the most challenging and difficult area of radio modelling, now you can purchase an electric model helicopter complete with radio and on board battery for under a hundred pounds.


A more complex model helicopter package costs around £530 and will include the basic items to get you into the air, we do not consider it a practical proposition to try and teach yourself to fly one of these models but we will be more than pleased to assist you with any questions or set up issues you may have.


On board gyros and co pilot systems now make the whole helicopter experience a lot more straightforward.

Again we cannot emphasise the importance enough of joining a model flying club for several reasons, the most important being the availability of tuition and the provision of insurance, once you have mastered the basics a club also provides an opportunity to learn more advanced aspects of this fascinating hobby.

Visit the British model Flying Association website for loads of information, membership details and to find your nearest local club.

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