Never before has model flying been so straightforward and provided you follow our guidelines your route to model flying should not be littered with broken models and disappointment.
At present there are local clubs in the Shrewsbury, Wem, Stafford,Wrexham,Newport, Crewe, Telford and North and Mid Wales coast areas most have vacancies available, contact them and arrange a visit. Please view the  British Model Flying Association website for further information on clubs.


Model aircraft come in many forms the most common being the four channel model this gives control over four functions these being ailerons, throttle, rudder and elevator.
They can be powered by miniature methanol burning engines or powerful electric motors both have their advantages and disadvantages but your local club instructor will advise you of the most suitable for that particular club and location.


Electrically powered models are increasing in popularity all the time, they are quiet, clean and with todays high tech brushless motors and lithium polymer batteries are a match for almost any engine powered model.


We always recommend to our Customers the importance of joining a model flying club doing so will greatly increase your chances of success and get you into the air in the shortest possible time in order that you can explore this fascinating hobby.
Trainer packages start at £235 and include all you need to get in the air and instruction can easily be arranged once you have assembled the model.


If you don’t have either the time or enthusiasm for assembling your model then many now come with everything installed and ready to fly in minutes instead of hours, if you do wish to build we have everything you will need right down to the traditional items such as tissue, dope and even banana oil.




  • Buy a new or secondhand plane and have a go in a local farmers field
  • Practise on a flight simulator and have a go in the local park
  • Buy loads of models on your credit card and don’t fly them or tell your wife or girlfriend
  • Buy a spitfire as a second model after your trainer

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